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Originally Posted by OneManBanned View Post
Did anybody in this Michigan orv community believe that a bill of this magnitude would simply pass right on through without any kind of significant 'out' on the controlling body's part?

You don't try to shove what is obviously going to be an unfunded mandate and obvious added financial burden down these commissioner's throats without at the very least working paralell with them in your fight with the DNR on an issue directly affecting the road commisssion statewide!

Furthermore, as I suggested also don't start being concerned about the insurance lobby or the Highway Safety Research Institute AFTER you've told the public that the orv community has researched the overall impact of our proposal!

For pete's sake you really believe that 'railroading' the very people possessing the power to shut all of this down at a later date will actually result in an effective long term solution to what we all desire?
well from what I have seen so far the Governing body of this state has done little to improve the Recreation aspects of the intire state. so the majority of counties are doing there part, some open to tree huggers like yourself and the rest want to get money coming in. the money is with the people who work and pay for permits and taxes on the use of trails the ones who ride mountain bikes and horses on the trails don't have a Fee to use the trails other then to camp. the other side of the coin is that the DNR is run by many who would see the state shut down to all motorized travel. just the idea erks me. this state was founded on the ability of everyone to have equal oppertunities for work & recreation. some don't see it that way... I think they call them facists.

by the way in what way is the bill being "railroaded"? I have yet to see anyone backed into a corner by us or anyone else.
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