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[QUOTE=Yetti;420780]"lets see if I can clear some things up.
1. county road commisions DO NOT have the power to open or close roads as they see fit.
2. the county road commisions DO have to allow for uses withen the county as the county commisioner and chamber of commerce tells them to operate.
3. the county road shoulder were open prier to bill 451 being instated. this bill that is being pushed ahead would define guide line for opening road shoulders...thats it...."

Ahhhh, but they do, my friend and I think that you're missing my point along with the most important part (IMO) of this proposal:

"...Under the proposed legislation, a county commission can open county road shoulders to ORVs or can allow a local municipality to make that decision. A county road commission would (also) have the authority to close a percentage of county roads to ORVs if the environment or public safety is seriously threatened...."

Did anybody in this Michigan orv community believe that a bill of this magnitude would simply pass right on through without any kind of significant 'out' on the controlling body's part?

You don't try to shove what is obviously going to be an unfunded mandate and obvious added financial burden down these commissioner's throats without at the very least working paralell with them in your fight with the DNR on an issue directly affecting the road commisssion statewide!

Furthermore, as I suggested also don't start being concerned about the insurance lobby or the Highway Safety Research Institute AFTER you've told the public that the orv community has researched the overall impact of our proposal!

For pete's sake you really believe that 'railroading' the very people possessing the power to shut all of this down at a later date will actually result in an effective long term solution to what we all desire?

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