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Originally Posted by OneManBanned View Post
Tell me if I'm wrong....but isn't the most critical issue here one that should've been addressed before these side-of-the-road requests were ever introduced?

From the legislator's office:
"...He may have to have (or already has had) some conversation with the insurance lobby and perhaps with the Highway Safety Research Institute to see what opposition efforts will arise to such an amendment. He may consider changing the bill to be too controversial and end in "killing" its chances...."

Along with the polling of individual county road commissions as to what Innual extra COSTS these new rules would bring forward to each individual county (and who exactly would pay for them on a statewide basis).....why in the heck are we talking now about 'opposition' issues instead of before the first right-of-way in any county was pushed through?
lets see if I can clear some things up.
1. county road commisions DO NOT have the power to open or close roads as they see fit.
2. the county road commisions DO have to allow for uses withen the county as the county commisioner and chamber of commerce tells them to operate.
3. the county road shoulder were open prier to bill 451 being instated. this bill that is being pushed ahead would define guide line for opening road shoulders...thats it.

I already wrote back to the Aid about not pushing our luck and to just let it stand as is without questioning the whole state. I would be sick if it failed because we looked greedy at this point. I can wait to push for an ammendment at a later date.
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