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Default so I got this letter??? I need some oppinions about what to do with it.

I have been sending out letters to reps and commitie member to support the up coming bill for the ORV open road shoulder thing. this is a letter I got ...tell me what you make of it?

Dear Dana:

I have talked to Alma about your interest in Rep. Sheltrown's bill and she is going to talk to him about your suggestion to extend the bill to the whole state and see what he thinks. He may have to have (or already has had) some conversation with the insurance lobby and perhaps with the Highway Safety Research Institute to see what opposition efforts will arise to such an amendment. He may consider changing the bill to be too controversial and end in "killing" its chances. We'll see what he says.

You may want to keep in touch with Rep. Sheltrown's office to follow the progress of his bill through Committee as Alma's focus is going to be on the budget (she is on the Appropriations Committee and you've no doubt heard of the deficits we are facing in the state budget); she will not always be up-to-date on non-budget bills like this - unless it has come to the floor for a vote and then it will be on her "radar screen".


Mary Sansbury, Legislative Aide

State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith
54th District
State Capitol
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
517.373.1771 (p)
517.373.5797 (f)

I am Dana Smith. I have to ask a Favor of my Reps. It would seem that there is to be legislation sentHowdy,
I am Dana Smith. I have to ask a Favor of my Reps. It would seem that there is to be legislation sent to the House in the next couple of weeks regarding ORVs on road shoulders and I would like your help. Rep Joel Sheltrown is working to improve ORV access to road shoulders for the purpose of accessing fuel & lodgings in the areas north of route 61 that crosses our state. I would like to ask you to help him and to improve what He intends to pass. I would like to ask if you would support stretching the reach of this bill to the whole State of Michgan. It would be useful to me as a avid rider of ATVs that we have access in the lowest corners of our State as well as the areas in the north. I can see many folks using their ATVs for doing more chores and being able to relax without the need of going 3 hours north just to ride when they can see who their neighbors are instead. I would also ask that you consider a bill to do away with the tort liability of ATVs & ORVs on private land so we can ask farmers and other property owners for access that they would other wise denie us due to accidents and mishaps that could get them sued. I feel its the riders responsiblity to look after themselves and property owners shouldn't be burdened with lawsuits.

Thanks For your efforts.
Dana Smith

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