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I'm not good at poly-tics :dunie:

Social Conservative
Based on your answers to the questionnaire, you most closely resemble survey respondents within the Social Conservative typology group. This does not mean that you necessarily fit every group characteristic or agree with the group on all issues.

Social Conservatives represent 11 percent of the American public, and 13 percent of registered voters.

Basic Description
One of three core Republican groups, Social Conservatives (along with Pro-Government Conservatives) are somewhat more religious than are Enterprisers. They are supportive of an assertive foreign policy and very conservative on social and cultural issues. In policy terms, they break from the Enterprisers in their cynical views of business, modest support for environmental and other regulation, and strong anti-immigrant sentiment.

Defining Values
Conservative on social issues ranging from gay marriage to abortion. Support an assertive foreign policy and oppose government aid for the needy, believing people need to make it on their own. Strongly worried about impact of immigrants on American society. More middle-of-the-road on economic and domestic policies, expressing some skepticism about business power and profits, and some support for government regulation to protect the environment. While not significantly better-off than the rest of the nation, most express strong feelings of financial satisfaction and security.

Who They Are
Predominantly white (91%), female (58%) and the oldest of all groups (average age is 52; 47% are 50 or older); nearly half live in the South. Most (53%) attend church weekly; 43% are white evangelical Protestants (double the national average of 21%).

Lifestyle Notes
56% report having a gun in their home, and 51% attend Bible study groups.

2004 Election
Bush 86%, Kerry 4%.

Party ID
82% Republican, 18% Independent/No Preference, 0% Democrat (97% Rep/LeanRep)

Media Use
Half of Social Conservatives cite newspapers as a main source of news; the Fox News Channel (34%) and network evening news (30%) are their major TV news sources.
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