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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
Wasn't liked by whom?

The criminals maybe. Wasn't well known across the country but I wouldn't say he wasn't well liked.

I still think he should be a consultant to major cities across the country.
Hmm, he wasn't exactly Mr. Popularity during his time as Mayor. 9/11 happened right at the end of that time, so thats what people remembered. He tried to force a 3 month extension of his term (theres a two-term limit so was not eligible to run again), and threatened lawsuits if it wasn't granted. The state legislature denied the request.

Although prostate cancer is waved as the reason for withdrawal from the senate race(which Hillary won her seat), he had other issues which were damaging his chance of winning.

Interesting, because you look at him and edwards, who are both high power, big dollar attorneys. Edwards has a strong populist tack, and pulls it off. Giuliani I just don't think so. 9/11 made him look like a strong leader, but, as sick as it makes me, I have to agree with Al Sharpton, who has said that it was the crisis that brought us together, even if Bozo had been mayor.

He's going to have critics of his stance on gun control, and he's going to make people nervous about freedom of speech of viewpoints opposite his religious views (elephant poo, anyone?).

I think he's a face man. Giuli vs edwards, I'd side with edwards. I have to read at least some level of mandate in the mid-term elections, that it was just as much about getting the bad out, as voting for specific candidates.
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