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Default Posi- Lok ....Installed!!

Well Finaly Got Er Done and installed it probably took an Hour and a half total time working but overall with watching TV and changeing front brake pads took 2 and a half hours..

Well It seems to work Pretty darn good so far. its sorta of a pain to get those little C-clips on but after that its very easy.. Drilling the holes is the hardest part which isn't very hard with a cordless drill.. I Routed it pretty much where ever it would go to the axle without hitting anything hot or moveing(steering components).. I have some pictures but PhotoBucket is down i'll post them as soon as there site is back up..

I tested it out on pavement which probably wasn't that good of an idea but anyways it Worked pretty good. Only went maybe a mile so far so can't realy get into to many facts But... When i engaged the actuator(locking the front axle) it seemed to do that VERY easy.. Seemed almost like it wasn't working but the light came on so it had to be doing something.. So i did a brake torque in 2high with the front end locked in then once it got going a little bit i pulled the transfer case in and off i went into the brush.. After i backed out of the brush i tryed disengageing it which it seemed to do very easy. i then drove off to murrays to showoff to a buddy of myn when i noticed when i hit a bump the light flickered on so i turn the doom light on and it was like half way disengaged.. I pushed it in all the way and ran over a baby snow pile just to test it which it didn't blink or anything.

So after showing off i engaged it and ran over some parking blocks and such. so i try to disengage it and it didn't want to move at all.. So i start to panic and poped the hood and looked for anything wrong like binds in the line or anything.. Then my dad called and asked how it was working(he helped me install) i told him i can't get it out of 4wheel so he tells me to reverse a car length and try disengageing it. So i did it and it unlocked.. O well it seems to be working and i FINALY have 4wheel drive.. I realy like the option of haveing 2low and just the confidence that i can pull that little red button and i KNOW my front axle will engage.. Its only a few dollars over an OEM one which will just fail down the road again..

Hope this sways someones opinion to buy a posi-lok vs an OEM Vacuum POS..

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