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Actually, I think Jesus would be a capitalist! He continually told parables of men going out and working hard, investing and making good money. And he conversely told stories of lazy people that God was unhappy with.

Like the parable of the 3 servants. Their master gives them each money before he leaves for a long period of time. The two servants that worked hard and invested the money returned a greater sum than they were given. In exchange, the master gave them 10 fold of what they brough him. The last servant did nothing with the money and was kicked out of the master's household. (he didn't give him money like a socialist!). The servant had been lazy and in turn hadn't earned any money.

The only other time he really talks about money is when he says "give to ceaser what is ceaser's and give to God what is God's" when asked about taxation.

However, I don't believe that Jesus fits under any man made system. Just making a fun point!
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