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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Describe this oppression, and tell me exactly who the oppressor is. I think you'll find it's self-inflicted.

Many of us have oppression in our past. Irish immigrants, indentured servants, Italian immigrants, Chinese immigrants, eastern european immigrants, etc... However, it's not genetic - we get over it.

Society likes olive-skinned 6' guys with narrow waists and "inverted triangle" torsos, high cheekbones and thick, wavy hair.

I, however, am a 5' 7" bald, pale irish guy with bad vision, a barrel chest, and no neck.

Oh well - although I am damn studly I apparently don't fit society's vision of a good-looking guy. Good thing I didn't decide to make a living as a male model.

well, it started waaaaaaaaay back...there was this thing called the SLAVE TRADE! White Europeans wanted slaves to work on plantations in the Americas. They considered poor whites, but they would get lost in the shuffle too easily if they escaped. They considered Native Americans, but they knew the land too easily and had support in other tribes who would back them up. Then they came up with Africans, because they would be from a foreign land and their skin color was excellent for identifying them.

previous to the slave trade, their wasn't the racism towards blacks like their is now.

The racism towards blacks was put into motion by a few white europeans in order to make the whole enslaving them justifiable. They came up with all this stuff about how they were inferior and less than human to make it seem like not as big of a deal to completely ruin their lives. Eventually people took to it. So, before this, their wasn't the racism issue that we have today. It continued on, after slavery was finally abolished, whites still held the sentiment that blacks were lower and inferior to whites and hated the idea of integration with them, here came the "jim crow/segregation laws" and the lynchings. This lasted for quite some time. Now the racism isn't nearly as obvious anymore, but it's still there. A lot of people are realizing the insanity of the past, but a lot aren't. A lot of people need to realize that stuff doesn't just go away. There is still a lot of that "blacks are inferior" sentiment in this country and this is what causes these girls to feel about themselves the way they do.
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