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Our climate is changing.

Big deal - it's been changing throughout the history of the planet (think "ice age").

The planet is virtually a living thing, and experiences climatic cycles. Is it possible that the aggregate impact of man has influenced this cycle (i.e. either accelerating or delaying the next cyclic change)? Certainly it's possible. However, there are many other inputs into the climatic cycle that man cannot / does not control (dust storms, vocanic eruptions, meteor strikes, solar output, etc...) that have a much larger impact.

It's the same of kind of collective narcissism that makes people get excited about species becoming extinct. They've been emerging and becoming extinct before we were here - it's a natural process. The earth is always changing.

I understand we're generally taller than we were 2-300 years ago (better nutrition & health care). I guess that's bad too.

Global warming is a theory - a legitimate, but as yet unproven theory that many (mostly non-scientific) people have elevated to "fact" without the supporting data. And the vigor with which this theory is advanced (and skeptics of it are attacked and villified) remind me of the Spanish Inquistion.
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