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Originally Posted by chris1044 View Post
Let me try to explain what he's trying to say here:

CNN is a very libral source for info, and is also a very one sided source for information. He feels that the article is absolute horseshit.

And to add to his comments, I also feel that it is absolute horseshit....and if you do research on the subject, you'll find that it's all hypothesised shit much like the "global cooling" of the 70's. And also, since Earth is getting so warm these days, I cannot help but ask why we're not setting any high temperature records?
It is true that many of these studies are somewhat one-sided due to the funding that is fueling them. But I encourage anyone to find a report that contradicts the hundreds of global warming reports out there that is legitimately funded. And I dont mean find a report from some shitty website like or something. A legitimate source.

I think it is important for all of us to be cognizant of this phenomenon, real or not, and to have rational discussion about it. As a scientist (one of the few on the site from what I can tell) I may be a bit one-sided on this topic myself. But I do feel strongly that we can do something about it if we consider the potential ramifications of our actions.

That is all.

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