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Well heres an article from a less liberal source:,2933,249659,00.html

It says the same thing.

No record highs? I did a quick count from what I could find on and found for my area 21 record highs since 2000 and just 1 record low in that time.

All the data shows that the planet is warming. Maybe not where you're sitting, but on the over all average. Glaciers are melting, ocean levels are rising, climates are changing. The question is why?

A count from the same data found that from 1892-1899 there are 19 record highs, and 84 record lows still standing. It would be easy to site that as further evidence of "global warning" but much of that was due to the eruption of Krakatoa in 1893, which was certianly not caused by humans.

My dad talks about how when he was in school they taught that we were headed into an ice age. Maybe we have caused global warming, and have saved the world from an ice age in the process.

But I think it is something to be concerned about. I don't see how we can go on burning so much stuff (oil, coal, gas, ect...) and not have it effect the planet after a while. The earth is a mostly closed ecosystem, throw it out a whack and you can expect problems.
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