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Why is this a nice little read? Its meaningless.

Towing capacity has dimished because its not wanted. American's don't care if their car can tow. And OEMS wanted people to move into higher profit margin vehicles, and strip out evrey last piece of unneccesary equipment, testing, and certification off cars that don't have a market case for keeping them.

Unibodies today like the Grand Cherokee, Commander, etc have no issues towing. Its a feature designed in.

Sure, cars from the 70s were built like tanks and could tow as a result. But they were BIG TANKS AND DROVE LIKE IT.

Greasemonkey, how much time have you spent in automotive design? How much comparitive research have you done in other countries? other continents? go to Europe and you'll see cars pulling tons of trailers. The high use of turbodiesels in cars is a nice benefit. Go to brazil, there's a damn trailer hitch on every car you see, and they are all unibodies and smaller than US cars.

Don't go to propaganda websites and read/believe/post the articles.
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