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Originally Posted by Todd View Post
D-44 30 spline, 8.8 31 spline. Its all about the alxe diameter when looking at torsional load. The larger of the two will do better under any loading.

If your buddys are bustin 31 spline 8.8's have them put a D-44 in and see how it does. Other than doing that just saying they bust them does not compare the two.
yes i know
i guess i should have added that i was running a 44 rear on my 5 for 4 years wthe a set tires that have now been REcut twice and now live at the end of 1 of the 8.8s that keeps suffering breackage with alot less hp or gearing or milage. and ive acounted for driver style. (i wheel w/these guys a-lot!)

or that my observations (all of them) come from 20 years of wheeling an average of three times a week with many dif. rigs/setups tire sizes ect
with many many dif. people in may dif. terains and conditions.

or that ive built, with hours to many to count spent on resurch and thought)
the last 4 very compitent rigs ive owned and work on/helped build most of my close friends rigs.

or that im not dending 44s cuz i run one. i run a 78 9" in the rear of the new rig cuz from what ive seen its about the best light wieght axle in stock form
that is easily avalible.

but i didnt feel like typing all of that.

ive been seeing them have problems lately and it makes me not trust them as much as i used to
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