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I usually don't respond to posts in here because politics is not an area I am smart about or have the interest in to invest a lot of energy.

However, since I worked with juveniles in a private non profit setting for several years and relatively familiar with the types of services Nathaniel would have received, I feel compelled to say something.

What I don't get is, if the state had him under supervision for 10 years, WHY IN THE HELL didn't he earn a diploma vs. a GED? I mean, come on, they had him since he was 11--you mean to tell me that a state facility that is required to provide an education for youth can't educate him well enough to earn a diploma? I mean, come on, they had him from age 11---you think he would have been in their residential system long enough to earn enough credits to graduate.

As for college---he entered the system long ago that he would have still been eligible for the TIP program--a tuition incentive program that provided tuition and book/supply reimbursement for low-income youth attending two year state colleges (AKA Delta). So not only am I wondering how he never got a diploma, but why doesn't he have an associates degree or at least some sort of trade certificate since he's now 21 and been at a half way house for at least three years? As for state subsidized housing, he was eligible for Youth in Transition services and funding to help with this, and this all should have been done prior to his release from juvenile supervision.

Sorry for the rant, but for a state that claims education is a priority, I think they did a pretty crappy job of rehabilitating him....
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