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This has got me so f____ing pissed I can't see straight.

This thug commits a murder, shows no remorse, is tried and convicted as an adult, receives a light juvenile setence, and now we're making him into a freaking role model?

Kill a guy - go to college! Kill a guy - get an apartment in (presumably) a better neighborhood.

Damn, he's getting a better deal than people who served in Afghanistan / Iraq / Balkans. Hey, now THAT feels good as a citizen and taxpayer.

After years (and over $900K) of rehabilitation he still has to "struggle with anger management and bucking authority figures". Wow - anger issues and a disdain for authority in a 21 year-old who's getting a free ride and has been made into a celebrity. There's a formula that means nothing good for the community.

And he's an aspiring rapper. Awesome. He already has the backstory - I mean how many other rappers can freely and openly brag about being a convicted murderer?

And why does Wayne county get stuck paying for this oxygen theif?

The only thing that will help me sleep at night is knowing that this little puke is going to feel untouchable enough that he'll soon piss off the wrong people and end up a footnote. The sooner the better.
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