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Here's what I posted at another board:

In my lifetime I have NEVER heard a person say they would harm a person, refuse them employment or services, or deny someone friendship because they were black.

I have, however, heard black people play the race card for problems they've gotten themselves into. Fired for poor workmanship or attendance problems? "It's because I'm black!" On trial for raping and 80 year old woman and beating her so badly she dies two days later? "You arrested me because I'm black!", which happens even if the victim, arresting officers, judge, and jury are all black.

My family didn't arrive in this country until after slavery ended. None of my immigrant relatives ever owned another human being. Being poor and Irish they were closer to slaves than masters, but the race baiters only see us as white and totally disregard out own experiences with discrimination.

Blacks SHOULD stop complaining about slavery. I don't have the slightest bit of animosity toward the British for their attempted genocide of the Irish. There is not one single person alive who was a slave, nor is there a person alive who owned slaves. There is nobody left in this lifetime to be offended by firsthand experience.

It is idiocy and greed which propels the reparation movement, not pure interest in justice. There is no tangible justice to be had when the actual slaves cannot be compensated and back pay from the slave owners cannot be collected.

This raises another question: Does every wronged group deserve compensation? Should the descendents of the Mongols pay the descendents of the Romans? Should the Romans pay the descendents of Germania? Should the Russians pay the former Soviet satellite states for their decades of imprisonment by Lenin and Stalin? Where do you draw the line?

If this debate even has the right to exist, a sound argument could be made that if anybody owes money to slaves it is the Arabs who maintained the slave trade routes in Africa even after the conclusion of the United States civil war.
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