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Originally Posted by jeepguy74 View Post
what the heck is linux i've never herd of it and why arent they compatible?? oh yea what are the modems for or does it matter
The modems are from a Micron & HP PC, respectively. They'll work in basically any Windows-based PC. Winmodems use Microsoft software to control them (laymen's terms). Linux requires a different type of modem where the hardware is independent of the software.

Linux is a free operating system based on the Unix platform. It's user-friendly, and looks a lot like Windows. However, the benefits over Windows in a nutshell are:
  • Secure operating system without all the security holes that Microsoft has. I don't have anti-virus software, and I'm not worried about getting viruses.
  • It's FREE. Microsoft's licensing fees are insance, so many schools, governments, etc. are switching to Linux to save HUGE money.
  • It's based on Open Source software. Instead of one company (e.g. - Microsoft) creating all the software and protecting the secrecy of the code, Open Source enhancements can be submitted by anyone, and offered to the rest of the Linux community after they have been approved & tested.
  • I could go on, but those are just the basics.

Check out for more info on Linux (if you care).

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