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Not sure how many still read MJ, but here is a good post from GLFWDA Vice President Jim Mazolla, about the meeting and direction of GL

The membership voted to continue with the 'paper' version of the Boondocker despite the 20th century movement to electronic versions of documents. There were some who prefered to move forward in a attempt to save the Assn some money. Their gesture was appreciated.
Also, it was decided to propose a membership due's increase. While not under any obligation to do so, It was the feeling of those in atendance that there should be some sort of notification to the general membership of this action so that there could be some discussion before we voted on it. If the general membership thought otherwise, they could have voted on it right then and there. They did not.
It was also decide that the Assn needed to continue to try to find an insurance carrier to support an event insurance policy. We just reciived notification from a new insuance carrier and are in the process of submiting paperwork to receive a quote from them. They, the membership, wanted to see events like D.O.A. and other halo type events to continue for the Assn.
We also did a demonstration on how to safely attach two straps together not using a clevise and only using stick! The last thing we want to see is someone get hurt or even killed as has occured in our community in an all to recent memory.
There were are other decisions made but those were a few off the top of my head.

What wasn't decided on....the S.O.P.'s, not a big deal. Those basically describe the Executive Board positions in detail. Aside from minor 'How the Assn operates' jargon, the only thing of significance in the S.O.P.s would have been the dues increase and that topic was discussed earlier.

A few points to take into account here, As was pointed out,
The Executive Board was in it's first meeting as a group. The membership was there for the first time as an individual based group. I suspect the last thing they (the membership)would have wanted to see was 5 Executive Board members standing up front reciting to them 'How and what this Assn was gonna be and what we were going to do and not do' A bull in a china shop probably wouldn't be the best way for us to present ouerselves at the first meeting. A slightly lower profile was taken in that we asked for input from the members. What do you want us to do?????
With as much uproar there was over 'The few member clubs who always controlled everything the Assn does' and the changing of the base of the organization, I would have expected more out of the group. Maybe the group is just a bit shy??? They shouldn't be, if they, you, want to see something changed, we need to hear from you! Mind reading wasn't requirement for the job so we're all pretty piss poor at it!!
The Executive Board was also trying to lay out the financial situation of our parent Assn (United) so that the members could fully understand why there was a dues increase being asked for.
Was it a long meeting.........hell yes. As a matter of fact, it was also decided to start the meeting 1 hour earlier from now on. I will get a timer for the next meeting so that the agenda items stay on time. However, if the members insist on hearing all about what is happening and having a say, we feel that they need to hear all the facts. Short of that, it's tough to vote on something without all the information.
So on tap for April so far will be the dues' increase, the formal approval of the S.O.P.'s, A report out on what our success was on insurance, whether or not we got the additional trail miles for maintenance, the status of the Paypal fiasco, status of the legal fund, at least two DNR ORV meeting results and lastly a ham radio demonstration that we pulled from the agenda due to time.
I'm not trying to get on a soap box here but remember, the time the Executive Board spends at the Quarterly meeting is only the tip of the iceberg of the time we spend trying to support the Assn and it's overall mission of trying to keep the trails open in Michigan. For example, why do you think the Mounds is still open??? Why do you think Silver Lake has a reasonable noise level requirement? Why do you think you have trails to ride on in Michigan?? Why do you think Tellico is still open??? Why do you think thousands of trail mile out west on BLM land are still available for you to wheel?? Why do you think we are now a respectable recognized Association among the Michigan based State and Federal Land use managers??
Because of Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Assn and United Four Wheel Drive Assn's.
The few volunteers that do step forward are very much appreciated and respected for their contribution. The problem we have is there just aren't enough to step forward.
I'd like to put what ever hard feelings anyone has or pre concieved notions about who and what G.L. is in the past and focus on the future. As it stands in Michigan today, Great Lakes is the only full sized four wheel drive organization working to try keep trail and use areas open for our use. There isn't another group as consistent or recognized as we are in the state defending full size vehicles.
We'd like to invite everyone to the next Quarterly in April. We'll be hosting it @ Silver Lake Sand Dune on April 9th. We'll have a Hospitality room set up on Saturday night if anyone would like to stop by and say hi.
Here's another challenge to everyone. G.L. does trail maintenance in the spring. Why not come out and do a little trail riding, whack a few trees out of the trail, B.S. with your new friends and have a good time. This isn't tough work. We're on the trail by 9:00 am and off by 4:00 and back at camp around the bonfire by 6:00. So what's so terrible about that??? G.L. will supply the campfire even try to roast a few burgers and dog's for you, ON US!
Dates are on the G.L. calender. So give it some thought for your spring outing. We sure could use your help and I'm sure you'll appreciate the fact the trail you use all summer long, you actually helped to keep open!

Jim - kb8ymf
GLFWDA Vice President
Happy wheeling everyone! TREAD Lightly!
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