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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
Do you look at things for what they are and not for what everyone tell you what they are? Do you have your own spirit and believe in whats right and not the status quo?

If yes, then you are a free thinker.
The ironic thing, is that this is something you see so much with college students. That demographic that is young and at least semi-intellegent, they see problems, and think they know ways to fix them. They see things, ready things, hear things, that open their minds, especially when taken from the small environment where they went to high school, and now are immersed into the significantly more diverse environment of a large univresity.

What they don't realize is:

A) One of the primary reasons they think they know how they can succeed where other have failed, is that they lack the experience of those older than them. Lack the wisdom that comes from seeing how the world 'really works'.

B) Lacking the qualitys described in 'A)', this group also ends up being so esily manipulated and misinformed because of their innate desire to believe in a better way. Face it, if you worked a grand but plausible lie into, say, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or the closing monologue between Kyle and Stan on south park, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of gullible minds could be swayed.
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