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Originally Posted by Lousypirate View Post
I have seen that, but I think they will just get used to it after a while

Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
How are they getting in? I occasionally have one in my barn, but I just open one of the sliding doors, and then I shoot the bird.
We're talking 10-20 birds. We just moved here and while the shed was full, it wasn't accessed much.

Originally Posted by jbsjunk View Post
Fake owls are told to work.
For a while, then birds just tend to sit and shit on them, I'm told

Originally Posted by TJJEEP View Post
When woodpeckers started attacking my house I used a fake owl about 10' above their strike zone. It had no effect and i routinely saw birds perched next to the owl.

They sell netting that is supposed to keep birds out. Also string or fishing wire hanging from the ceiling is supposed to annoy them.
Fishing line was brought up by my MIL. Thats the best idear so far.

Originally Posted by Gogolen View Post
Are the walls and ceiling sheeted such that the birds have nothing to perch on?
Not yet

Originally Posted by Clincker View Post
Find a 8-10yr old with a bb gun and let them have a field day. Or a grown man with a bb gun and a case of beer.
I can put little holes in my shed better than anyone
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