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Originally Posted by cmetzg03 View Post
5 Reasons not to buy the Galaxy S5
note 4!! when I'm ready for an upgrade maybe there'll be a note 5

Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
We have the S5's, very happy with them. Awesome screen. Camera is decent. Don't pay $200 for them. I think Costco and amazon have standard pricing around $170, and Verizon has them on sale all the time. We paid $99 for each of ours ($149 - $50 rebate, which we did receive pretty quick in the mail).

I really do like the waterproof part. I always have the phone in the cupholder of the golf cart and this year, its been rained on several times. No problem.

That post about 5 reasons to not buy an S5 is not really that applicable. First, it was posted before they came out, but its geared towards someone who has a decent phone, but likes to upgrade to the latest and greatest thing. If you were coming from an S4 or similar, there isn't that much reason to upgrade.

Thats mostly becoming true across many of the phones. The jumps from the last generation to this one are becoming smaller. Like there isn't much reason to go from say an HTC one to an HTC one M8.
quoted for truth. definitely a much smaller gap lately when "upgrading". my daughter has the s4 (coming from s3) and loves it. my mom also has the s4 and loves it.

it truly comes down to personal preference. how does it feel in your hand? how it look? size (pockets, purse, etc...)? battery life? camera?

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