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Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
Really? Because the LQ9 in my truck now was 600 bucks and runs flawlessly.

Nice Cam= $400 (estimate new)

LS Carburated Intake= $350 (summit website)

Carburator= $500 (estimate new)

MSD Box to run factory coil setup= $400 (summit website)

Besides little misc shit.. that's $2,250.... thats with all new parts except for the motor.... there was a guy selling a 6.0 LQ9 already had a cam, intake, carb, and MSD box on Craigslist. Motor had 90k on it. He was asking 2500 for a month or so before dropping the price and then finally selling it.
Misc little shit adds up fast. If you are doing a cam swap of any value, then you also need springs & retainers, should do new pushrods, and really should do some of the gaskets, new crank bolt, new timing chain as a minimum. If you are getting a $600 motor, its probably got a lot of miles on it. I'd add lifters and lifter trays, oil pump to the list. You've got $1000 in parts there for the cam swap. Depending on the year of the motor, its recommended to go to the heaviery LS2 timing chain with the heavier valvesprings. More $$$.

Originally Posted by Bones View Post
I'm not shoving a carb on a LS
They run fabulous with them, and an MSD box to control the coil packs. Not my thing, but carb guys love the setup.
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