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you're taking a student loan out for a truck? Aren't student loans meant for school, like books, classes, room & board? Not transportation to get to/from school, or in your case hauling your jeep around?

sorry to knock you, I at least found a company that would pay for part of my tuition and took student loans for school and used the company money on my Jeep :)....glad to see someone else is as smart as I was.

But on to your subject, I would go for the Ford because of the's are netorious for not so great tranny's. Buying a newer 1/2ton is the same as an older 3/4ton, Most 1/2 tons now adays can pull the same as older 3/4 tons, just not as much payload capacity necessarily (in the bed......truck bed you perverts!), brakes on the newer 1/2 tons are about the same if not better than older 3/4 tons in a lot of cases.
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