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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
3000 dead civilians= less dangerous than a swimming pool
3000 dead soldiers= unbearable losses.

I don't understand this hypocritical view.

The difference between dying in a swimming pool and dying on the 98th floor of the WTC is obvious. With swimming you know there is a risk of drowning and you make the choice to do it anyway. No one knew they were taking a risk when the went to work on 9-11.

Mike where do you dig this stuff up, really? Google the authors name. Wow, according to him aliens are the next conspiracy the government will use to scare us!

I'm scared already.
If you really want to bring civilians into this. Iraqi civilians dead exceed 52,000. And most of them werent swimming either. Some were caused by car bombs some were caused by suicide bombers and some were caused by our bombs and gunfire. One thing for sure is most were caused by our presence. If you want to know my source just google civilian deaths in Iraq. Most sites are pretty close on the estimate of the deaths.

I have said this many times in other threads. If someone blows up your family even by accident what are you going to do about it. I know what I am gonna do. After reading that. How much safer are we?
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