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Originally Posted by 2fst4you View Post
I just wanted to know if I could run stock pistons with the 258 crank and rods successfully. If its requires boring the cylinder and gets too expensive I will just rebuild it as is. I have some money to spend just not gonna spend a fortune on a 4.0 when I could save for a 5.3. I am willing to do the work and plan to once it warms up

I looked at it as well as numerous stroker builds I just had that one specific question for the most part and it let to this. I may go that route depending on cost
one specific question that could be answered with 15 minutes on google.

dont put money into a flat tappet motor. my stroker as well as every other one ive seen has had cam issues within 100k miles, some farther away from that figure than others. by the time you invest in roller lifters and rockers, and get all the bells and whistles to do a stroker... youve got a highly modified tractor motor that no longer has the reliability of a stock motor. and when you compare HP/$, you could have easily dropped in a 5.3L.

but a 5.3 costs too much, right? you think the stroker is cheaper? it only looks like it because, as someone said, your budget is unrealistic. you want cheap? drop in another 4.0 and be happy. you can find them for <$500 and itll only take a day or two of work. but im sure that task will be rough enough for you. better get to posting threads about what plug goes where and "lefty, tighty, right?"
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