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Originally Posted by beertestr View Post
1/2 mpg highway at least. The clutch fans usually don't fail open (slipping) they fail stuck, so you're likely dragging the fan more than you need to. If you are dragging the fan, the FE improvement will be more. That said, you are killing FE with the taller wider tires, so I guess I depends on how much you value FE. The devil will benin the details, if you cal the fans to come on aggressively, the mechanical loss for the clutch fan will be replaced by electrical load on the generator (how hard you're working the generator affects FE too). How do you plan to control the fans? The police package Tahoes had PCM controlled Aux fans, not sure the software in the PCM existed in 96.

I'd take that 14 bolt off your hands though...

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I planned on running two thermostats, one to turn one fan on at 180* and the second to turn the 2nd fan on at 200*. I have the actual setup on my computer at home, but I believe it was all in one harness that was a standalone system. I don't believe there is software on the PCM in 96 to control electric fans either

I don't have any dreams of getting 20 mpg out of a 17 year old truck with 35" tires lol, but I believe with proper setups and driving it like an old lady I could squeeze 17/18. I wont be happy with 15/16 mpg highway however. It's hard to get an accurate read on what I get now in the winter. I'd have to wait for warmer weather to see what i'm really at.

Shoot me a PM about that 14 bolt
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