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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
A bit of an update. The truck got a new power plant, and before that went on I put on new headers, and ignition. I still have the stock air intake with an aftermarket filter. It's getting new high-flow cats, and the PCM is from BlackBear customs. I'm pretty happy with how it runs and drives. It's got a lot more get-up than before, especially with the PCM.

I'm still running a 10 bolt with 3.73s. I picked up a 14 bolt SF with 4.10s but i'm debating on if I want to go through the trouble of changing gears; I don't really tow anymore and it seems to run fine with the 315s.

How much good would it do to swap out the clutch fan for a dual electric setup? I found a deal on a set of fans from an 05 chevy truck, but is it actually worth it to swap the fan setup?
1/2 mpg highway at least. The clutch fans usually don't fail open (slipping) they fail stuck, so you're likely dragging the fan more than you need to. If you are dragging the fan, the FE improvement will be more. That said, you are killing FE with the taller wider tires, so I guess I depends on how much you value FE. The devil will benin the details, if you cal the fans to come on aggressively, the mechanical loss for the clutch fan will be replaced by electrical load on the generator (how hard you're working the generator affects FE too). How do you plan to control the fans? The police package Tahoes had PCM controlled Aux fans, not sure the software in the PCM existed in 96.

I'd take that 14 bolt off your hands though...

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