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Originally Posted by knaffie View Post
Originally Posted by feva4u View Post
Go to Colorado, tune, then go to Daytona beach and burn pistons up [\QUOTE]

Here's your post back. HGPD. :p

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There's a reason your new vehicle comes with one. In this case, GM's system defaults to SD when it throws a maf code so all the people worried about maf failures should be focused on making their tuner do a complete SD tune before re-enabling the maf sensor and tuning maf only as well. Or go ahead and throw out the more accurate way of feeding your engine information and hope the weather, temperature and elevation that you actually tuned at don't change. This is why I don't comment on this shit anymore, typical "I used tractor links and they didn't break" internet style discussions.....

Good piece of information from the link JJ
"Manufacturers claim that a simple but extremely reliable test to ensure correct functionality is to tap the unit with the back of a screwdriver while the car is running, and if this causes any changes in the output frequency then the unit should be discarded and an OEM replacement installed."

Disclaimer: I'm not master tunerhead guy that does this for a living. I'm not a mechanic that troubleshoots this stuff for a living either. I only know what I've tuned and dealt with and try to be as open as I can. These topics stay black magic because the people that know it don't talk about it or get to the point I'm at where joe blow with a 79 camaro and a plow is constantly throwing bullshit in the wind to see where it sticks. Run your shit however you want, mine will have a maf sensor.
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