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Originally Posted by T_J View Post
Why do you need more power when I'm crawling the same hills with my 2.5?

edit: just gear it
I need to rebuild it just thinking about making a lil more power while in there

Originally Posted by dew jeep View Post
I am running a stroked 4.0.. 4.2 crank and rods .030 over pistons I decked the block and milled the head .010 each, 440 lift custom ground cam and a 99 intake with venom 26 lb. injectors and a 62 mm throttle body with a 1.5 inch spacer.. I have tons of power but I have to run premium in the summer and can run midgrade in the winter.. as far as mileage when I first installed it I was getting 21 mpg on the highway with my ax15 ,3.55 gears and 33s.. and that was with stock throttle body since then I am running 4.10s and 33s now I am only getting 12.5 on the highway with the 62 mm .. its all in a 1991 xj 2door.. if you do build it make sure to watch your numbers I am at 10.5:1 compression ratio and I wish it was lower... but that was my own miscalculation but I would give up the power for anything.. I do most of my climbing barley touching the throttle and on the street I have guys thinking I am running a v8 because of how well it gets up and moves.. I wish you luck on a build
Good to know. Thanks

Originally Posted by wakeboard76 View Post
I have done a huge amount of research on strokers, assembled one and I can tell you there is a lot of misinformation and second hand knowledge out there. There are also a lot of poorly built but still running strokers from what I have gathered. The biggest issue you will have is compression ratio. To get proper quench, you need to mill the deck of the block, which raises CR. Too high of a CR is what necessitates higher octane fuel. Basically you have two options to lower your CR. First is custom pistons, I believe Keith Black makes a set, second is having stock pistons dished deeper. Most people don't dive this deep into the build, build a motor with crappy quench and end up unhappy. If you have questions go to and start reading...more info there than you can imagine, most of which I've forgotten.
Will my quench and CR be fine with just putting in a 258 crank and rods I don't want to do pistons unless I have to. If I do this will I need special head gaskets?
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