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Pretty interesting that Currie was the one who protested last year and then does the same thing, regardless of the secret handshake wink wink this is OK. Simply wrong IMO.

Would Currie have won with the same tire everyone else ran? Probably, but when the deck is stacked, it's cheating, plain and simple. No different than Tom Wayes getting 7th instead of first place for Friday's race. You cheat, you get penalized.

Regarding the fan of choice, I don't have a good answer. There are a lot of electric fans out there cooling everything from stock to full race rigs. I say find a good fan that works and have a spare available. Carry it? I don't know. You can't carry a spare "everything" so you have to carry what you can, that makes sense. 3 years of racing the Wag without failure is a pretty good track record. But, JV is different than most situations. Maybe the better answer is to put a bigger fan on the trans cooler that can be used as a backup.
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