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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
Congradulations Brian Meyers Brimmy311 of JCR Offraod for being the first to be Boycotted by SnoFari.

It was perfectly clear by the JCR representatives ( or Minions ) on Saturday that JCR did not receive preferential treatment to sign up for trail rides, because it was soooooo important that JCR got to wheel with the "XXX" guys. We clearly stated times for everything, and if you missed it in the email or did not get the email it's clearly written outside the registration room what time sign up is. The "XXX" guys got the message just fine and dandy.

SoFO will never treat anybody (sponsor or not) more important than the rest.

Knowing this was such a big problem for you, the SoFO Events Coordinator called you to make sure we can address any problems.

{SoFO has built very strong relationships with all of the people that sponsor SnoFari. There is a strong offroad community amongst us and we take it all very personal. We have made many changes over the years thanks much to the feedback of those that support and sponsor not just SnoFari but many of these events. We take these relationships very seriously, and I think it shows by the amount of people that continue to support this event AND also participate in it. Year after year we are humbled by the amount support we get to continue putting on SnoFari.}

And in that phone call you flat out disrespected and berated not just our Events Coordinator but SoFO and most notably SnoFari, and everyone that attends. That's some big balls to do that, especially since you didn't show.

If you would have participated, you would have witnessed what real business owners do to promote their product and their company. We gave you the opportunity to bring a trailer load full of whatever you wanted to sell (yes, you would have sold stuff at this event). We gave you the opportunity to stand in front of nearly 220 people to talk about your company and your product. But you didn't show, and your "representatives" didn't care to stick around for a free dinner paid for them by the participants registration fees, and stand up for your company ( Slap in the face ).

Your attitude and arrogance would make one believe that we need you (and that you probably graduated from UofM).
We do not need you.
We REGRET having you as a sponsor. And you will never again be contacted, asked, confronted, invited, or allowed to attend or sponsor
SnoFari. We don't need you. We don't need your draaama. We won't put you above anybody else. I don't care if you did have a bumper bolted on in Extreme4x4 or whatever show that was. You don't even use the product you sell.

Go on with your JCR videos and JCR shenanigans, how about you post the video of when the SoFO Events Coordinator called you today, and you put her on hold for 10 minutes only to put her on speaker phone, lets hear the video of that, and who was in the room snickering. More shenanigans?

I'm glad she finally hung up on you after you told her to shove SnoFari up her ass.

You have my number, you asshole, why don't you call me up. I promise I wouldn't have taken this as hard. Buy when you fukc with one of my brothers and sisters, and shit on something I am extremely passonate about, I will not sit idle.

Stay tuned. I'm not done.
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