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One thing that is going to be a problem to institute will be the... "I don't care what your education is... you're qualified for this job we've found for you, and you're going to take it even though it is a substantial cut in pay." ...rule that will most certainly be required for this plan. I believe that most of the group C people can read the help wanted ads, but feel the job being offered is 'below them' or something. And once someone is forced to do that, then the pay for most any job will plummit straight to minimum wage. Somehow a balance needs to be achieved, but this is certainly a major step in the right direction.
Well look at it this way: Even if it's a lower-paying job that you're horribly overqualified for, is it "better" that you take the crappy job and keep looking or that you stay off and continue to collect welfare (not unemployment, but welfare). The goal is to get you off of the system, so crappy job time it would be. I've been in exactly this position, and I took the crappy $5.00/hour timeclock job (with degrees in Computer Science and Nuclear Technology) and left it 3 months later when I started at GM.

You raise a good point, the system needs to be designed to avoid abuses by employers as well.

I like the premise of this one, but should probably be modified to "within the State you apply for assistance". I have a daughter that lives with her mother in Michigan, just by my career choice that I'm in California when she left me. If I weren't in the Corps, I'd probably strangle someone that told me I have to make the choice to move out of state or get cut off from employment assistance.
I hear you - the whole "blended family" situation does throw a wrinkle into it all. However, we need to look at what's best for the country overall. Let me put it this way: should the people continue to pay someone employment assistance benefits when there are jobs to be had, somewhere else? A tough call.

And even if it's the same state, that can still be a looong ways away.
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