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After the snow we have gotten over the past two weeks here is my impression so far. I Hate Traction Control.

Unfortunately this truck doesnt have a factory Traclok or E-diff. I found out just pulling out of my driveway out on to the busy street in a little bit of snow was almost a near death experience. As soon as the rear tire started spinning the stupid TC kicked in and killed all engine power {and forward progress}leaving me sticking halfway out into the dam street barely crawling. I twisted it into 4hi and was able to get out and moving in time to avoid getting plowed in the ass.

On the street I feel the truck is almost undriveble on snow in 2wd and TC turned on. Whoever decided to make the default setting for the TC on is a moron.This crap should be off until you decide you want it on. So im basically forced to drive around in 4hi where my old 2wd 94 with a t-lok would have no issues.

After some reading on F150 Forums I discovered that even though I push the button to turn the TC off it still really isnt off. In Fords great wisdom they decided that even though you choose to turn TC off they are going to still let it kick back in whenever your moving over a certain {slow} speed.Only after you turn the TC off can you hold the button down another 8-10 seconds will it turn off the "Advanced Traction Control" and give you back control of the truck. Next to the dipstick on this motor its the dumbest thing I have ever experienced in a Ford truck.

Had a couple buddies planned a day at Bundyhill yesterday so I decided to take a drive up there with the GF just to play around with the 4wd a little and see how this thing worked.Huge pain to constantly have to remember to go through that button bullshit everytime I restarted the truck.After a while I just let truck run and never turned it off.At the very least Ford should have made the TC turn off once you click it into 4low.Once it was turned off the truck would just plow through about a foot deep snow with no Hi or Low. The few times I forgot to turn the TC off/off it would kick in and render us stuck in just a few inches.

However I did get to do its first Cummins recovery! {sorry Mike!}
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