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I LOVE this post, in fact it shouldn't be called welfare anymore... it needs to be employment assistance, or temporary support. Get the message accross that this is not to "take care of you" but to "assist you to get back on your feet". I'd like to expound if you don't mind...

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Group C people would receive assistance for a period not to exceed 370 days over their entire lifetime. While receiving assistance, they will be required to participate in activities that identify their skills and abilities, and a nationwide job search will be conducted. Once Group C people are employed, they will be required to reimburse (interest-free, over a suitable period of time) the program for all benefits they received. This way, it's not a free lunch, but "a helping hand" that will enable people to have some pride.
You'll need to employ people to enter & track this information. Hey look, more jobs already.

One thing that is going to be a problem to institute will be the... "I don't care what your education is... you're qualified for this job we've found for you, and you're going to take it even though it is a substantial cut in pay." ...rule that will most certainly be required for this plan. I believe that most of the group C people can read the help wanted ads, but feel the job being offered is 'below them' or something. And once someone is forced to do that, then the pay for most any job will plummit straight to minimum wage. Somehow a balance needs to be achieved, but this is certainly a major step in the right direction.

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
You will be required to participate in the program to receive benefits. Participation may take the form of education, skill development, rehabilitation, or work programs. Failure to participate will lead to termination of benefits.
Damn Good Call. Indefinately receiving something for nothing has gone on waaay too long.

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
You may be required to move to obtain employment. Part of the greatness of this country is due to people who left home and struck out on their own to make a better life. People who go into debt to obtain college educations are often required to move to obtain suitable employment, and so should everyone else. If you want more control over where you live, you'll need to develop marketable skills.
I like the premise of this one, but should probably be modified to "within the State you apply for assistance". I have a daughter that lives with her mother in Michigan, just by my career choice that I'm in California when she left me. If I weren't in the Corps, I'd probably strangle someone that told me I have to make the choice to move out of state or get cut off from employment assistance.

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Productive people rarely receive pay raises or increased employee benefits because they have children - neither will people on welfare. Should you decide to have children, expect to share your scarce resources with them.
Amen Brother...

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Part of breaking the cycle of dependency is to provide people with skills. This means a large investment in education and training programs - especially a rebirth of vocational education. This doesn't mean 4 or 5 years at a large (or small) university on the people's tab.

People who successfully complete programs and "graduate" from Groups B or C will receive preferential treatment in terms of civil service jobs, and other programs such as mortgage and college loan programs.
Hmmm... you mean maybe we could say... give classes on business management, recycling operations, factory management, shipping networks, hazardous material clean-up and such? And then MAYBE, (this is a longshot I know) someone could start to use the people in group C to help start cleaning up the state, at the same time selling the recycleable materials they gather throughout state & public lands AND MAYBE start making a profit selling this stuff to the companies that can use it to make thier products? And I've been through a few hazmat courses in my time... those guys get paid BANK to deal with that stuff.

Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Wherever possible (and practical/economically favorable), benefits need to be provided in the form of direct payments to service providers rather than to the beneficiaries to reduce fraud.
I agree with this too, but people will just find a way to corrupt that system as well. Hell, that's putting the onus of honesty onto say... the health care system. And we all know they have no scruples to begin with.
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