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Originally Posted by robn69 View Post
I have a 1990 ex cab chevy that starts up fine when it warm out. But when it starts getting cold you have to crank and crank on it for a while to get it to start. It will fire right up if you prime the throttle body with a little gas. And it also has fine throttle response and no hesitation when it's in high idle. But when it kicks down in to low idle it has a hesitation when you first push on gas. It will also stall sometimes if you in the gas hard and let out of it fast. Any one had a problem like this before? Any help would be appreciated!

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It will continue to get worse until you get to a point where when you let up on the pedal at all it you will have next to no power.
This is your egr sensor and I have replaced it 3 times now on different trucks due to the previous owners giving up.
It is a expensive part at around $150 compared to the other $20 electronics. The line leading to the sensor fills up with oil and eventually ruins the quarter sized piece of foam the sensor quickly follows.

It could be one of the cheaper ones such as the tps or the wires going to the sensors. But once you check your lines for cracks, replace all these which is a good maintenance practice anyway, and are still not getting any new codes, consider replacing the EGR sensor. For some reason I never have received a code for a egr sensor(also known as a vacuum switch). But, I know the symptoms and replacing the egr sensor has fixed them easily enough.
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