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Default 02 cavalier ABS question

well, i think i have come to the conclusion something is wrong with my ABS...

it seems extremely sensitive to bumps...i've always just assumed it was normal, but I have driven a few other cars now and notice they dont react the same

if i am barely touching my brakes, and hit a bump, the abs goes off and braking pretty much goes out the window until it calms back down (i would say a good second, maybe 1.5 seconds...which is hella long when trying to stop)

i got in an accident due to this a little over a year ago. there were about 4 or 5 train tracks, one started blinking, truck well infront of me stopped, i went to slow down as i got to the first set of tracks (they were all seperated by about 2 car lengths each), hit the tracks, ABS went off, couldnt stop because the next set of tracks kept the ABS buzzing (and this was during the summer, dry roads, so it wasnt a traction issue)

I dont think I would do the work on them if this actually isnt normal, but curious on your experience
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