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Looks like the dryer issues are solved. What did I do?? Well...hell if I know!

After I reconnected the vent in the crawlspace the "Check Vent" light was still coming on. I even unplugged the dryer and let it "reset" and it was still indicating that there was a vent issue. I went to work the next day and my wife reported to me throughout the day that the dryer was working fine, but the light was still on. Feeling beaten by an appliance, I gave up and made an appointment to have a Whirlpool Tech come take a look. That was Friday. We did a couple more loads of wash on Saturday morning and miraculously the light went out...and stayed out. Did nothing different. Hell...I didn't even touch the thing again after calling for a service request. When Whirlpool called on Saturday afternoon to confirm the timeframe for the appointment (scheduled for Monday), I canceled. Been keeping an eye on the dryer ever since and it is working perfect now.

I am pretty convinced that it was the disconnected vent piece in the crawlspace, but have no idea why it took almost 24 hours for the light to finally turn off. Oh is working fine now and that's all that really matters to me

Thanks for all the advice. If this issue comes back, I am going to look into adding a vent fan.
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