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Originally Posted by ttms91xj View Post
soooo, what you're saying is that since she has already made cuts, theres no way there is any more fat in the gov't??? huh, somehow that just doesnt make any sense. and how can u say she has done a good job? this state is inching ever closer to the days of blanchard. besides, you must see something wrong with mighigan if you didnt stay when you graduated, right?? oh, thats right, because our grand leader has LOST MORE JOBS THAN CREATED, there was nothing here for you. huh, and yet u still stand up for her
Actually there were lots of jobs in my field and more and more each day. But if you haven't noticed Chicago is a pretty cool city and yes I think she is doing a good job for the cards she was delt. The Gov. can't help when the economy takes a dump in the industry sector and the state happens to be industry biased . . . or do you think she is to blame for all of Ford and GM and DCX and then all of the other manufacturing companies that deal basically with the auto industry or any other manufacturing job that can be sent overseas were the labor is less?

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