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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
i think you guys who said yes should just start sending all your extra money to the government, they don't seem to have enough to waste...
How about they stop wasting our money on stupid social programs first?

Let's get rid of fat congressional salaries and retirement programs.

We would go a long way toward controlling waste by limiting lawyers to the judicial branch of government. No lawyers in congress! If active duty mioitary personnel can't hold elected office, why should active attorneys? Keep em' in their own branch!

Also, I think it's the Iraqi .gov who is killing Saddam. They're buying their own rope, and you can bet that it costs a lot less to kill him than to house and protect him. Heck, I'd support an Iraqi sponsored pay-per-view to cover the costs of his trial.

Wouldn't that be a good way for people to voluntarily spend their hard earned money?
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