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I've had about every type of RC rig over the past 20 years, and the only thing I would even consider running a brushed motor in anymore is a crawler.

I have had really good luck with Castle products. Their ESCs can be programmed on your PC, or you can get a field card and do it whenever. For a 2wd Slash/Rustler/Stampede the Sidewinder series do a great job. Reasonably inexpensive, and if you get the SW3 (the latest version), it is water resistant, which for bashing is very nice.

With motors, you don't really have to worry about the sensored vs. unsensored issue with what you are doing. With that ESC, any unsensored motor will work great. The stock Traxxas "blue can" one is a 3500 kV motor. You can get a combo with the Castle setup with 3800kV, 4600 kV, 5700 kV, etc.

What the kV value on a motor is is the RPM per input voltage. So, for example, if you run a 2S LiPo battery (LiPos are 3.7V per cell, or "S", the 2S is a 2 cell battery), and a 4600 kV motor, you will run 34040 RPM (4600 x 7.4). The motors with "turns" on them refer back to the days when all motors were brushed, and it referred to the way the armature was wound. They try to assign a turn value to brushless motors more as a reference. I'd still look up the kV ratings on all motors before I buy them to be sure. So, when deciding what to get, you have to decide where you will be running the trucks. If you have wide open space, and a lot of straightaway area, a higher kV motor will get you more top end. If you have a smaller area, or a small track, or indoor track, then the lower kV is a better option.

For my Slashes, I ran Sidewinders with 4600 kV motors and 2S LiPos, and they were plenty fast. My boys are 11 and 7, and they work great for them. If you want to share equipment, then just get a 3S battery for yourself, and you will get a 50% increase in your RPMs =)

I personally try to buy ESCs new, because enough of the used ones have been overheated or mishandled. Motors on the other hand I've bought used and had good luck. You can also look on eBay, etc, for some of the second tier vendors (TenShock, HobbyWing, etc) for motors. I run TenShocks in a few rigs and they work great so far.

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