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Okay its been a while but here are some overdue updates and some very recent updates as well as what to expect in the future!

1. I fixed the wipers, not exactly sure how mostly wiggle some connectors and witchcraft I guess. They used to not work in the rain but now they really only work in the rain/snow. Go figure.

2. Bilstein shocks! one GREAT improvement over the 20+ year old blown shocks. Rides much better for a huge ass truck.

I had some issues with summit keep sending me the wrong front shocks but after a month of back and forth and some customer service they got it straightened out, gave me a free t-shirt and 25 dollar gift card for my troubles.

now onto the interior!

it was starting to rip around some areas and I picked up one of these blankets at a garage sale and secured it to the bench seat with some bunjee cords, pretty rad I know... (also very billy)

I thought that the gauge cluster needed some freshening up so I snagged this at a local pick n pull. Couldn't resist the classyness of psudo wood grain.

I also moved my oil pressure and water temp gauges into the "stock" locations so that that they are easier to see while driving and a much more cleaner look.

Now current project is locate spare funds then locate exhaust shop to do this:

2.75" inlet and 3 or 3.25" outlet with nice tips. But upon closer inspection you will find...

Current exhaust is 2.5" so adapting shouldn't be too hard, I may have to have rear exit on these but however it goes in the easiest way is fine by me.

blue oval eh?? I wonder what these could be from?????

If you guessed 2012 mustang GT 5.0 you would be correct, roommate purchased this car recently-ish and had them laying around since within a month of buying it he did a cat-back on this thing. These 2 mufflers cost me a 6 pack of beer because he was just going to scrap these...

Whats next?

blower motor and resistor need to be replaced, motor bearings are worn and it makes some awful noises from time to time and some fan speeds work better than others. (next few weeks)

Radio/CD player (spring)

repaint white/replace grille trim/bezels (summer)

maybe some proper sized 33"s on aluminum wheels? (TBD)
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