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Originally Posted by jbsjunk View Post
Why go to tons? Because it's what the cool kids seem to be doing? I don't think you'll have a problem with the 44/9 combo. Curb hasn't broke his.

BTW, do you have a scrap 35 or 8 1/4 housing? I need the shock mounts off of it, the brackets that weld to the housing.
I guess the only reason to go tons would be so i would never have to worry about a tire size and horse power limit. That being said I have yet to break either of my stock dana axles with a 35" tire and a clapped out 4.0. I have a small block that could change that. I really think that I should stick with the 44/9 that i have because they are complete and still a slight upgrade. Greg and I did notice that the nine inch is so narrow that my leafs and my calpiers may not work well together.

Yes I have the 35 under the red one at gregs. If you want the brackets you can cut them off. I plan on being down there this weekend to strip the suspension from it.
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sorry I don't work on fords I park on top of them!
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