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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Very true. Sort of.

Ah yes, "you can't judge me because your bible says so". Actually, it says we should evaluate our fellow believers (one could call it judging) as to ensure they are still following after Christ.

It also speaks in James 3 about teachers being judged more strictly BY GOD. I don't know what that has to do with this conversation but I hope, and pray, this pope remembers this. I'm not saying I disagree with his statement though.

You guys also have to realize that this is an address to the ROMAN CATHOLIC church. Not the Catholic (universal) church. You could almost say he's a couple hundred years late as Luther made this proclamation long ago and started the Protestant church.

Either way, he's absolutely right. The church should be in the gutter helping those there. However, we run into a problem that our chruches are filled with flawed people who know they are sick.

Judging (yup, that's what your doing) Christian churches on thier lack of 'helping others' is like telling a sick person who is trying to help a sick person that they are doing it wrong while sitting on your butt in your comfortable house. At least the sick are trying to help the sick.
Couldn't have typed a better response to SS. Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth.
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