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My view of tolerance: (1) There is an objective truth, but often it can not be known for certain. (2) various people, through their unique life experiences, have come to various conclusions about what that truth is. Some of those conclusions may be right, some may be wrong. Likely, no one person got it all right or all wrong. (3) Various people and groups should be free to disagree, dialogue and debate their conflicting views of the truth, but not be required to. If a person wants to just go along believing what they believe without further consideration or discussion, they have that right as long as they are not directly harming another person.

My view on absolutes: In general I do not see morals as absolutes, but there are moral situations so close that they can be considered as absolute.

I see morality as something more like a doctor diagnosing a sick patient. You collect as much information as possible, and use the collected medical knowledge and your experience as a doctor to determine the problem and the best course of action going forward, while continuing to collect more information and new knowledge.
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