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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Seriously? You sound like a huge fucking pussy right now.

I am not attacking anyone. I never once said I had anything over anyone. Please enlighten me on how me commenting on you thinking that puffing an e-cig for an entire hour is better for you than a real cigarette makes me above anyone or putting anyone down?

Give me a fucking break, how many chemicals and how much shit did you inhale in that hour compared to one cigarette? two?

You're taking a comment personal, that shouldn't be taken personal. You think you are quitting but your just putting the same shit in your lungs a different way.

Or, did you take offense to me asking you how feeling like your lungs are completely clogged wasn't reason enough to just quit doing what was clogging your lungs?

If you want to quit, then quit, if you want to switch to esmoking and suck on an e cig for an hour straight go for it, but don't think that's helping you quit and don't get all high and mighty about how you quit but now your sucking on an e-cig for an hour straight.

Now, get your panties all unbunched and quit crying.
Once again... You are assuming what you say has some bearing on me. YOU are the one that is obviously extremely agitated and has their panties in a bunch. Move along. You have no power here.

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