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Originally Posted by Mike L View Post
Actually I wouldnt say that. I am glad you are able to just group people together who have other views that your own.

Feeding people in need to me is called charity not socialism.

I am not saying the Govt. needs to provide health insurance for every american either. I am just saying if we are going to waste money there are better uses for it.

And I personally believe the Govt. should be responsible for health care for veterans. not just retirees. I am not saying this because I am a veteran. I have health insurance and could afford it myself if my company did not provide it. This is just my personal opinion. You dont have to agree with it and you dont have to serve your country either.
Charity is voluntary, government provided food paid by the tax payers isn't voluntary at all, that's the difference. I'm all for charity but it's a personal choice that shouldn't involve government or tax money.

Spending money defending citizens against outside threats isn't a waste of money. It's one of the very few reasons the government exists.

I thought the government gave health care to vets. I know one of my friends from High School served in the Gulf War and has vet benifits for life, at least that's what he told me then. Has something changed?
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