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Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
I should add that that couple grand included going from a 2'' jet siphon well, to a 44 foot, 4'' well with a replaceable pump/point, and a new pressure tank
I forgot you just did a well, call me when you get time.

Originally Posted by Badphish View Post
Open up the cap on the well there is usually splice there there that I have saw fail. Burried tanks suck we only used them on modulars or trailers where we couldn't atank underneath. If you have a friend who's an electrician the may be able to megger test the motor for you also.
This definitely is not a modular. It is a pretty nice ranch that was built in '74 and very well maintained. I knew the owners, but I have not called them out on it as I want to wait until I know what I am dealing with.

I think the tank was put in the yard because they planned to finish the basement and it didn't take up any additional room.
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