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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Those who choose to not believe have already chosen to be separated from God.
That's fair. If you believe what I believe (which I know you don't), nobody is truly seperated from God at the moment. We all still benefit from his creation and his attributes that reside in it. However, there will come a time when those attributes are no longer in this world and those that have decided to live seperate from God will be given over to that wishing. I won't get into what I think that will be like though.

One can be moral, and enjoy the ride. Its just a matter of perspective.
Or one can immoral and enjoy the ride unhindered by those morals.

For most, concentrating on the here and now is enough.
Is it really? How many people pursue money, fame and success (IMO what some might consider 'here and now') and are miserable? CS Lewis put it very well when he said we have a God sized hole in us. We can only fill it by looking past the here and now and investing in the eternal.

That's why I, personally, think that so many of those in utter poverty are the happiest. They know this world has nothing for them and look forward to what will await them when they reach the eternal. If you don't think I'm telling the truth, go to a third world country and try and understand the joy that most of those people have compared to our 'here and now' culture in the US. It's sickening to see really how much we are pampered bitches. (oh no he didn't)
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