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Originally Posted by opie View Post
IMO, those are universal norms. I do realize and accept that generally society dictates morality. But that doesn't mean that what society dictates as being moral or right, actually is.
Then who/what does?

No one individual should have the power, authority or right to adversely effect another individual, on purpose. Thats the beauty of our founding documents, they set in stone our individual rights. If we still had a Government that respected those protected rights, our basis of morality would be a bit clearer.
Ah, but you're expressing American morals as morals that should apply to everyone. Do you see what I'm getting at? There are still countries that do not look at women as equals in thier rights. Thier morals would not agree with yours. So who's right?

Or we fight to retain what is deemed as right.
Hypothectically let's say we can't. It's some kind of force that we have to be, in this time and age, immoral to defend. What do we do then? Do we decide to do the immoral thing and by doing so condoning the action?

Originally Posted by opie View Post
That's 5 people out of trillions of people. Statistically you have to have a few. But for the most part, I would say that we have about 500 years tops of people remembering who we are. 7 - 800 if you do something 'beyond the norm'. Jesus was 2000 years ago and he's already starting to loose credibility.
IMO, Jesus loses credibility because hes the answer to everything that can not be explained. JMO.
I don't think he's the answer to everything that can't be explained at all. I think he may have given answers to things that cannot be explained but not the epitome of 'the asnwer'.

I'm referring to the reason life began on earth. As I understand it (and my biology major wife has tried to explain it to me) that life happened on accident. Had it not been for a few random things we would still be bubbles of single celled organisms on the surface of rocks.
Thats an interesting thought to ponder... Ill have to think about it.
I think I learned the bubble of single celled organisms thing from a DVD series about our planet. A scientist may see that as an accident but I see it as a perfect plan played out by a creator.

I think making the best of it could en tale for some being Immoral. My original though was it would make sense for a small group of atheists to be those people because of the thinking I've been portraying here.
Ok, are you strictly looking at the issue from an atheists standpoint?
Not really, I'm looking at it from a Christian stand point in that I beleive morals are shaped and given to us by God and that those that do not believe in God, theoretically, don't have to have morals (or at least the morals given to us by God).

My stance is based in one that we're all accidents so what does it matter what we do to each other. In 500ish years, no one will remember us anyways.

When you take eternity and any repercussions of your actions out of the picture (the big picture) I dont' think there would be any reason to follow morals.
Self respect?
Isn't Self respect a set of morals in and of it's self? Why should i care about me, or anyone else, if I'm an accident. (I don't really think that, but I'm trying to get a point across.)

The thinking I'm portraying, IMO, could be a pretty good reason for teen suicide rates rising in our country.

But who created the show? Who created the Technical director? The Scene designer?
Or you can play the hand you've been dealt, as best you can.
That was more of a joke. .
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